Dan Fitch

Research Programmer

CHM Research Support Core

2019-05-15: Five minute update #1

Why am I always standing in the back and/or fidgeting with a ball?

  • Soft chairs: ouch.
  • Hard wooden chairs, or the floor: GOOD?

What I did before

Senior programmer at LTSB

  • Thinking about systems at an abstract level
  • Rewriting our legislative document system
  • Other boring technical stuff supporting lawyers

Back to school!

  • UW Flexible Option via UWM

Undergraduate intern

  • Working with Nate and John
  • The precursor to where I am now!

What I do now

  • Kinda the same programming stuff
  • but for scientists, not politicians and lawyers
  • If I don't know about it, I want to learn!

Study support

    • Experience sampling and game via text
    • Video rating
  • FMED India project
  • etc.

Research Support Core

  • Backup for Nate and John
  • Wiki cleanup
    • Improving onboarding resources
    • Research Support Core library
  • Helping you!

Interests: Serious side

  • Consciousness and understanding the mind
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Large-scale group decision making methods
    • Non-partisan redistricting
    • Ranked choice voting
    • Multi-member districts
    • Sortition

Interests: Fun side

Writing and reading

  • Mostly scifi
  • Mostly obsessed with that good ol' question: "What makes us human?"

Board games and design

Amateur art (ink, air, gravity)

DIY music and instrument creation/collection

Electronics and Arduino futzing

Livecoding visuals at shows with GLSL

One Quick Trick

Control, shift, and arrows for text (many folks may already know it, but if ONE PERSON learns something...)



PSSST: talk to me if you would join a mostly-scifi book club